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hi im dian ajeng. i love writing and i have two blogs. i try so hard to keep them updated since i have been in marriage with a babygirl. leave comments and i will reply it asap.


I am not zero size. I dont wear branded things. I dont use just buy an DSLR camera--Canon 600D. I look like a girl with medium size on my whole photos (thanks to the 'right angle') but actually I am XL size.
Hi, my name is Dian Ajeng Maharani. I am 24 years old and still a college student have just graduated college on February 2013. I write this blog because i really love being an object on a photo.  The problem is I am overweight. lol. I am trying to do some diets and I hope think it works. Yeah so far i have lost about 10 pounds *sigh. Fortunately, sometimes I appear slim on the whole photos. Its not because I edit them, but it is because 'the right angle".

I am a photogenic girl, so dont be surprised if you meet me in real life, I look bigger and uglier than in photo. lol. I always try to dress well to make me look more good looking. Because as we know, a fat girl (like me) has less chance to impress people with her appearance. That's why i need more than 10 times to decide making this blog with my daily outfit, because i dont think that people will like me. But my friends and my boyfriend keep telling me that I should love myself.

I am sorry for my terrible grammar because i am still learning English. It is not my daily language and i realize that my grammar is terrible. But i promise to improve it.

I always try to make a good photo and quality picture and I hope you like my blog. Thanks for reading, it means the world for me. xoxo.

Dian Ajeng Maharani

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  1. truth is, i'm an L-XL girl too :D i do everything to get a better weight but it takes centuries for me to get slimmer. tho, i feel blessed cuz i'm still healthier than runway models LOLOL!


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