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hi im dian ajeng. i love writing and i have two blogs. i try so hard to keep them updated since i have been in marriage with a babygirl. leave comments and i will reply it asap.


What camera do you use?
I use Canon 600D but sometimes I use an ordinary digital camera, Sony Cybershot DSC-TX1, with only 10,2 megapixels. But I really love my camera. My boyfriend bought me that lovely camera for Valentine gift 2010.

Do you take your photos yourself?
No, I don’t. My boyfriend takes all my photos. We have a day off in a week for “photoshoot time”. I am so lucky having him as my boyfriend. But when he is not around, I usually ask my bestfriend or my brother or my sister to help me taking the photos. When everybody is not around, I use my tripod. Using tripod is very difficult to adjust the angle and honestly I hate it.

How did you start blogging?
I love being an object in a photo, so I decided to make a blog with my photos there. But when I started blogging in April 2011, I read my friend’s fashion blog then I was interested to make another one. I realize that I am not really good in fashion but I promise to improve my knowledge about fashion.

Why did you choose 'Less Sugar Sweet Candy’ as your blog's title?
I love everything that less sugar because I am on diet, and I really love candy to prevent me from smoking. I try so hard to not smoking, so I buy a lot of candy instead buying ciggarates.

Do you ever get bad comments?
Yeah sometimes. And they are anonimous. They said that I am fat and ugly—okay I know, just don’t let me remember it—then I deleted it. I realize that I am not zero size but I really love myself no matter what. I just don’t want to make myself down because I try to be nice to everyone, so I don’t want to be angry. I don’t want a bad comment ruins my day.

Thank you so much for asking me questions, I really love answering them. If you have another questions you can send me email to

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