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Jumat, 03 Februari 2012


Assorted Hairclip and Bohemian Collection Necklace. The third gift is up to you, you can choose from Ella AsIs feather accessories's catalog.

I have been planning a giveaway. And now I'm giving away three great items that I think my readers would love. I collaborate with Ella AsIs the owner of EllaAsIs and her Creative Collaborations with things that Fly to make this giveaway with a winner. The winner will get three great feather accessories from EllaAsIs and her Creative Collaborations with things that Fly. 
The winner will get:
  How to win this give away?
  1. FOLLOW ME via Google Friend Connect/GFC. Make sure you follow me publically. I will follow you back as soon as possible.
  2. CLICK LIKE EllaAsIs and her Creative Collaborations with things that Fly facebook page.
  3. LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING WHICH ACCESSORIES YOU WANT from EllaAsIs and her Creative Collaborations with things that Fly. You can choose from here. And tell me the reason why you choose it. The most interesting comment may get my attention to make you as the winner.

Dont forget to provide your GFC name and your email address for me to contact you if you are the winner. This giveaway is open until 28th February 2012. Any entries after this date will not be counted. Open INTERNATIONALLY. Winner will be selected by and i will announce the winner on 1st March 2012. Good luck!

I would love to thank Johanna from Handmade Dreams of Mine, because I have won her amazing giveaway. This is the ­first time i win a giveaway. I was too excited and I couldn’t stop sending her email just to thank her because she really made my day! I promise I will make a post about the great items after I receive it. dont forget to check her blog because she really has the good sense of fashion!

49 komentar:

  1. already done the steps :)

    I love the feather hair clip for special occasions, because i love the peacock pattern there and that hairclip is really rare, so if I use it to a party, I will never see "my twin", hahaha :)

    Name: Helena Natanael

  2. GFC name: Akanksha chawla ( Telll me if u can see me)
    Facebook name: AKanksha chawla
    email id:

    what I like from her store: Red Beaded Peacock feather necklace

    Ans: I swear to you.. I had such difficulty in choosing wat I wud like to have.. My new found love would be feathers.. When I saw this necklace.. I at once thought hw wud I pair it n wid wat :P it will surely add grace to whatever I wear.. I even thought of a simple outfit.. My pink and white summer dress or a white T shirt, purple belt and jeans.. :D :D

  3. GFC name: Surabhi Agarwal
    Facebook name: Surabhi Agarwal
    email id:
    what I like from store: Red Beaded Peacock feather necklace

    I like(read love) that neacklace..i love the colour red and also i can easily see how it would make my simple summer white shirt look so elegant.The beads make the necklace sooooo stylish. Amazing designer must say!

  4. Followed the steps already :))

    gfc name: e.rose
    facebook name: emmerey rose

    what I like from the store: I don't know the exact name of the product but this is the link.

    --> This is my first time seeing this kind of necklace and it really is awesome! I want to have one and thanks to your giveaway I will have the chance to grab one!I super love this design because it's very simple yet very elegant and I can use it with whatever style of clothing I would wear. It's very trendy and I super love the color!

  5. thank you so much for your comment, you're too sweet <3

  6. Thank you for invite me :) Done all the rules. Wow it's so wonderful accessories, love it max!! Kalo boleh milih, aku pilih semuaaaa hahahaha :D bagus2 bgt!
    I choose: Pheasant Dreamer
    Because my favorite accessories is necklace and bracelet, I'm looking forward to have some feather accessories. Aku suka banget desainnya, warnanya juga netral bisa di mix and match sama apa aja. So extraordinary, just like me ;D This accessories is so eye catching, lots of love :) Hope I can win *fingercross*
    Good luck for everyone who joining ^^

    My GFC name: Karina Dinda

    Join my first giveaway, open internationally ˆ⌣ˆ click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♤

  7. gfc name: vikavinessa
    facebook name: vika vinessa

    I don't really like feather things. it so weird.. But you said you are holding this giveaway. I tried to look at the necklaces' album.. and I curse myself for being so stupid. Why? Because this necklace feather ( ) is so unique and I never thought that feather with chain combination will be so pretty like that. I stucked for a minute in the photo and try to look for another but I keep coming back to this necklace and I'm sure 100% that I love this necklace already..

    thanks for the giveaway


  8. Hi Dian! I'm so sorry to hear that your best friend passed away last week, but why can I saw your comment from my blog? I just can read it from my email.
    Hope you can cheer up soon and don't be sad for long yaa :)

    By the way, I joined your giveaway and done the rules. You can checked them :)

    GFC Name: Wulan Wu

    I'll be very pleasure if you mind to follow back :DD

    When I saw your giveaway for the first time, I feel your giveaway are the best gifts from the other giveaway that I joined. THEY ANSWER MY WISHLIST, SERIOUSLY!

    How lucky I am can join your giveaway because not long time ago I was planning a BOHEMIAN photo shoot with some friends.
    Now I'm imagine how my photo shoot will be with that stuff (*kayak uda jadi winner aja! hahaha!)
    But I hope I can win this giveaway! *prayin'


  9. Hello lovely! Thank's for invited me to join this giveaway. It's my pleasure for joined your giveaway. Your giveaway are soooo adorable. I'm accessories lover so i love your giveaway. I choose this one necklace
    I never seen the necklace like that. That necklace is sooo unique and beautiful. I love the peacock pattern. I can wear that necklace with my plain top and surely that will be a beautiful outfit. It's totally awesome, right?
    GFC: Sarah Rizqi
    Facebook: Sarah Rizqi Amaliah


  10. ive followed you and liked the FB page.

    gfc name: mitha komala

    i want the blue indian beaded necklace because of the color actually, i love seeing the sky above and the necklace reminds me of it. so random i know. and also, in my sight, i saw a heart shape on top of the necklace which i think expresses the love from the creator of the necklace. <3

  11. followed u already! !:)
    follow back? <3


  12. Hello, Ci Dian, thakns for encouraging me I was really2 sad that time, but then, he said sorry and I forgave him. btw, thanksooo for inviting me to join your giveaway. Okay, I'll join it now :)

  13. Followed you via GFC !
    gfc : Chaah Sarah

  14. liked EllaAsIs and her Creative Collaborations with things that Fly facebook page !
    fb: Cha'ah Sarah

    followed you via GFC
    GFC: Chaah Sarah

    I'd like to choose Triple Peacock Eye Hair clip (

    the reasons ? HAHAHA Maybe I don't have any reason. I just love it soo much !
    or maybe I just really obssesed with peacock.
    when I was a 3yearsold little gurl, I fell in love with a peacock paint in my mom's friend's house. I said to my mom that I want to pet a peacock, but my mom said it's impossible !
    and the next day I ask my mom to take just 1 peacock's feather, but she thought that I'm crazy (maybe it's true LOL)
    okay, just ignore my silly childhood day -,-
    you give me a chance to get a peacock's feather ! thankyouuuu
    that's my story :)

    If I win it, I'll as pretty as a peacock ! :DDDDDD

  15. hi! thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog. i am really super happy heard the positive feedback from you. thankyouthankyou.

    i choose Simple Feather Necklace 2. for me this necklace is simple just like me :). i really like simple things cause it will look more classy and elegance. and in the white part i saw a bird. i really like bird because they can fly high. so i hope if i win this give away. i also can fly high chasing my dreams :D

    gfc : Girl With Plastic Camera
    email :

  16. GFC name: Butterfly... :)
    Facebook name: Surabhi Limaye
    email id:

    what I like from her store: Soper Natural Copper Plated Earrings! :)

    Ans: I love peacock feathers!! And you have got such an awesome collection my friend!! i have been trying so hard to find such good earrings but could not! Alas, you gave me an opportunity!! They will look absolutely gorgeous with some the dresses i have!! Also they are so lovable!! I'd definitely love to own a pair!! :D


    P.S. --- Follow me back and share the love?? <3

  17. already followed ya mbak ajeng, udah aku like juga fbnya...

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...

    gfc Maria Eua

    i want the Turquoise and Copper wire choker, it's so cute :D
    aku akan memakainya di promnight kakakkkkk. lucuk banget aaaa
    kalo aku menang sih ya.

    xoxo, honi

  18. hi dearie, thanks (again) for your nice comment! i'm joining your first giveaway! so excited<3

    I've followed you via gfc since last year and i've liked ellaasis page on fb and Google acc are both named Indy Andrea Mumu. :)

    I really love SuperNatural Silver Plated Pendant necklace.
    It's kinda love at the first sight! I have an ordinary peacock feather pendant necklace and I thought I wouldn't buy any peacock thingy necklace again cause I already have one.. when I entered Accessorize store in Singapore last month, I saw a nice peacock thingy necklace but I decided not to buy it because I already have similar type of necklace (peacock thingy).
    BUT when I saw the unique design from EllaAsis.. I really couldn't resist it!! I love the way Ella or whoever the designer think out of the box to combine silver pendant and peacock feather uniquely. It's simple yet unique + eye-catching, no ordinary.
    Even if I'm not the winner of this giveaway, I think I'll go buy it myself :D sorry for giving too long reason. happy monday :D

  19. Done the steps :)

    Nadya Joy

    My third choice is the Iridescent Peacock Bracelet, because of the harmony that exists from the repetition of the peacock feathers. The bracelet is also bold yet subtle, so there's a good balance between the two. The bracelet is bold, but not too bold at the same time.

  20. im in , finger crossed :P

    im following your blog now hihi .

    gfc name : bibiana dellavie
    fb name : bibiana dellavie harlow

    i choose ORIGINAL CHARM .
    why ? i just simply in love with simple stuff , and also peacock's feather . because every accessories with peacock's feather on it is fabulous(everyone knows it).
    ORIGINAL CHARM combines both of it , simple and yet contain peacock's feather ! so that i could wear it anywhere anytime ;)
    those kinda charm is sadly hard to find , fortunately , i found it here :))
    wish me luck !

  21. pretty necklace dear!!<3
    I'm joining too<3


  22. Oh, enter me, enter me! This is so fab giveaway :) I love everything with feathers so much :)

    I did all the above, my GFC name is Johanna, and FB name is Johanna Vilhunen.

    If I'd won, I would choose the Asymmetrical Earrings, as they look so unique, and I simply fell in love with them the second I saw them. ♥

    Good luck to anyone who enters :)

  23. Already done all the steps kak :D

    Their collection were so yummy :9 this is why ladies need much more money than boys do :p
    Btw I wanna their dreamcatcher neklaces If I win! will make my day, or even my year! <3

    And I'm so happy that ur blog became famous, u succesfully shown that we dont really need to use dslr camera for made our blog looking good <3

    Name : Ayu Damayanthi
    Email :

  24. already done all steps,
    following you on gfc: jiglycious
    like the fanpage: arianti arie

    my fave is the necklace, it is so cute,
    hope that i can win the giveaway,
    cross finger,

    i like your new blog name

  25. already done all steps
    following you on gfc: jiglycious
    like the fanpage: arianti arie

    my fave is the necklace, it's so cute and limited design
    i wish i can win the giveaway
    cross finger

    i likeyour new blog name

  26. i follow you, cause i like your blog!


  27. love the necklaceee! im a big fan of peacock feather!
    would be great to be paired with dresses!
    followed your blog and liked ella asIs on fb!

    style frontier

  28. aw, very cute stuff uve got.
    just followed u hun.. pls follow back if u likey like :)
    thanks xoxo

  29. GFC : dhillaxoxo
    FB : Aldila Meidika Putri

    i want that Almi Charm because it's totally cute. i never see that kind of necklace and i want it so much :)

  30. Thank you hunny for the sweet comment! I am now following you so you can follow back and i will join your giveaway!




  31. GFC : Galuh Anindita

    SteamPunk Round Trimmed Peacock Eyes

    Awesome collection Ella! These steampunk round trimmed peacock eyes are amaze me, for real. These peacock eyes visualized glory, vision, and royalty. Just imagine how fly she is whom wearing these stuff. And I'm tellin you I'm stuck in daydream imagining what if I put them in my ear, would be so wooow, me, fly :p I want these stuff so bad, I really want to own a pair :(


  32. Followed the steps already :)
    GFC : rhyyusriani

    i choose this one
    the charm look simple but elegant & easy to mix and matching with other stuff.
    so that i could wear it anywhere anytime ;)

  33. i would like to join your giveaway dear :D
    i've followed you on GFC and like FB page ( my facebook name : Denia Pevensie )

    i choose : Asymmetrical Tripple Peacock Charm

    can i choose all of those awesome necklace ? hahaha of course i can't :p but i choose Asymmetrical Tripple Peacock Charm because it was awesome :D and ...... the color is yellow/orange :)i love those color dear , really nice :) dan aku suka sesuatu yang unik dan etnik gitu :) sesuatu yang lain dari yg lain , and can make so much attention :D

    uhh i hope i'll be the winner ^^ #prayforme LOL :)

  34. I just followed your blog and joined your giveaway dear!

    GFC : Amaliafajrina

    I choose : Neutral n cool :

    That bracelet looks like The real feather! I love it! so simple but awesome!

  35. joined your giveaway :)

    GFC : nyushebat
    FB : Rusydina Tamimi

    I choose SuperNatural Silver Plated Pendant because it was awasome, elegant, chic, and fashionable! gak lupa juga kalung itu terlihat sangat etnik. bayangkan aja kalo kita make itu kalung, berasa jadi penduduk indiana ajaaa :p

    kalungnya juga terlihat simple, gak terlalu heboh, dan terlihat sangat cocok dipake disetiap suasana. yep pokoknya jatuh cinta sama kalung ini! :D

    wish me luck :)

  36. Thanks for dropping your lovely comment♥
    done the rules.
    in fact, i want it all! sooo lovely. But, I more interested in necklace. I love that Bohemian Necklace especially Peacock Hoop Pendant one :)
    Hope I can win!
    GFC : Yuki Lusiana Eka

    I'm following you now. Follow back? I'm waiting.
    visit my blog again if you have a chance!

    warmest regards,

  37. followed your blog and LIKE the fb page.
    GFC: mitadindayu
    facebook: Mita Adindayu

    Aaaargh, can i choose all of them? haha
    I'd like to choose Pheasant Dreamer because it's so unique and the color will be match in every color for my outfit. simple yet gorgeous, rite?

    thanks for the chance :)

  38. LOVE this giveaway!! I really like the necklace that wraps around and then has feathers hanging on the ends.. Its like a necklace scarf! She didn't have a name for it! I'm following via:
    GFC: denisepacurar
    email:radulescu.denise at gmail dot com
    facebook: I don't have one!

  39. I love this giveaway! This necklace couldn't be more exciting and beautiful! Seriously dying to get it:P Thank you:) and congrats on winning that giveaway gal ;)
    Following on GFC: Natiiii
    Liked on FB: Natália Anna B.
    email: balintnati*at*gmail*dot*com

    awesome:) thanks

  40. gfc name - CandyVioleta
    Email I d -

    i liked a pair of earrings with no feathers called Featherless Chandelier Earrings - I can imagine how boho and hippie it will look after leaving my hair open..thts my style basically!!

    followed all the rules!!

  41. cool, i like bohemian necklaces. i wish i can join your giveaway...

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  42. hi Ajeng.. very nice blog. You're beautiful too :)
    May we have a friendship? Let's visit to our blog each other.

  43. 1. I just did! my GFC name is stroberiHITAM :) my email is
    2. I did too! I've been stalking for Ella's work for awhile, lol. Since she's in Yogyakarta I also been longing to meet her in person but I haven't got time to find her, although I think I know where to find her :)
    3. Oh it's pretty difficult to choose one, because every item is lovely! I love the feather cuff, but I think my arms are elaborated enough so the details won't be seen clearly :( so I'm gonna choose the Peacock Swordtale Hoop earrings. My hair is shorter now so it's gonna look good hangin on my ears, everyone can see the earrings n the very details of them!

    I'm so looking forward to meet Ella in person <3 n Ajeng, you're beautiful! stay positive :) <3!

  44. 1. I just did! :) my GFC is stroberiHITAM, n the email is
    2. I did! I've been stalking for Ella's works for awhile, haha...n also longing to meet her in person, since she's now in Yogyakarta. too bad I haven't got time to find her, but I think I know where to go :)
    3. Oh this is a difficult part, since every item is beautiful n Ella surely has an eye for details! I LOVE the feather cuff for its eye-catching blue color, but I think my arms are already too elaborated to use this :( so I'm gonna choose the Peacock Swordtale Hoop earrings! I have shorter hair now so the earrings would look great hanging on my ears (!) ;) people will easily look at the details!

    so looking forward to meet Ella in person! :) and Ajeng, you're beautiful! stay positive :)

  45. all was done sist :D
    GFC : Annisa Pratiwi
    email :
    fb : Annisa Pratiwi Sudarmadi

    I would choose necklace.. SuperNatural Silver Plated Pendant caused when I was wearing hijab, It would be wonderful :D
    To be Honest, Its very difficult to mix and match the necklace with hijab, caused my hijab is very big :D but I want to do this, It makes my heart-beating more! interesting giveaway!! :)

    Salam Kenal Mbak Ajeng :)

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